How to Customize Your Classic Dress With Accessories

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If you've recently purchased a dress or gown in a classic style and color, you're probably excited about owning a beautiful garment you can wear at a variety of occasions. One of the easiest ways to update a dress is to accessorize with the tone and purpose of each occasion in mind.

There are many different accessories you can use to customize a classic dress or gown, including shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves, nylon stockings, hats and in some cases, belts. How do you know which accessories to add for each occasion?

One easy way to accessorize for different occasions is to check photos of the dress you're buying in fashion ads and look at similar style dresses, too. You don't have to limit yourself to considering dresses by other designers. If you purchase a Jovani dress, you can also look at ads for classic style Sherri Hill dresses for ideas about how to accessorize.

Advertisements for dresses are designed to highlight the dresses or gowns in most cases, so the one or two accessories the models where with them are just starting points. You can get more ideas about how to accessorize for different occasions by visiting shops and asking the sales clerks for assistance.

If you've purchased one of the latest Sherri Hill dresses that isn't featured in the shop you visit, bring along a picture of your dress. Explain what occasion you'll be attending. You may receive different accessory advice depending on whether you're wearing your dress to a party, a wedding or a very formal affair.

Earrings, a necklace and possibly a bracelet are the type of jewelry accessories you can expect the sales clerk to recommend. An appropriate pair of shoes and a handbag are some additional accessories that easily customize a classic dress.

Accessories can make a classic black cocktail dress fun and lighthearted, or more sophisticated and professional. Almost any type of classic dress can be made more casual or formal with appropriate accessories.

Be prepared to invest in quality accessories when you shop to customize your new dress or gown. When you own name brand designer garments such as Sherri Hill dresses, low budget accessories will stand out and detract from the dress's appearance.

Keep in mind that like your new classic gown or dress, you'll probably use the accessories you buy again and again. Investing in quality is the best way to ensure your carefully chosen accessories last long term.

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